Mr. Ferleger has decades of experience in resolving disputes for the benefit of thousands of individuals, as well as numerous organizations and government agencies. He believes in zealous representation and also is keenly aware of how important your case is to you.

He has participated in numerous cases before the Supreme Court of the United States, including five oral arguments. He has represented individuals and government agencies, taught law school and has written lectured and consulted nationally.

Mr. Ferleger has served federal courts, presiding over hearings and assisting courts as special master for nearly nine years in one recent case, and as court-appointed monitor in a large class action in another case. In that judicial capacity, he has brought parties to agreement on dozens of matters. In a written decision, a federal judge characterized his service this way: “The Special Master [David Ferleger] is a skilled judicial adjunct who has served the Court with balance and with fairness to the parties.”

In a July 17, 2012 Order appointing Mr. Ferleger the “independent advisor [to the court] and monitor” of implementation of a class action settlement, the court stated, “Mr. Ferleger is highly qualified. He is a seasoned attorney and author in the field of disability rights, disability class actions (having represented both state defendants and plaintiffs), and in serving the federal courts in several cases as special master, court-appointed monitor, and guardian ad litem.”

Mr. Ferleger has served as a court-appointed monitor for a federal court, and also as a guardian ad litem to evaluate a proposed settlement of a federal lawsuit, and served that court as technical advisor for implementation.

Mr. Ferleger is a founding member of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters (ACAM), and on the publications committee for its Bench Book for judges.

Mr. Ferleger’s experience also includes representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including its Governor, in settling amicably five complex federal class action lawsuits, as well as representing individual and class plaintiffs in many other disputes, often reaching major structural change through discussion and negotiation, as well as judicial decisions.

Additional public service work has included inspection of facilities for the West Virginia Supreme Court’s Juvenile Justice Committee, and assisting the National Institute of Mental Health, the State of Wyoming, the State of New Jersey, the National Disabilities Rights Network, and other bodies as well.

Mr. Ferleger has taught at the New York University Law School and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Writing has included book chapters, books of legal materials, law review articles, and popular magazine and newspaper articles.

He has visited programs in about 30 states and internationally. Mr. Ferleger has broad experience including, for example, areas such as civil rights, employment, academic and university disputes, disabilities, ADA, real estate, housing and investments.

His public speaking has ranged from an invited presentation for the United Nations Conference in Iceland, to testimony before the United States Senate, to plenary addresses, speeches and workshops at professional and consumer conferences coast to coast.

With caring, and with the benefit of skills accrued during decades of national experience, Mr. Ferleger brings the parties in your dispute to the courtroom or to the table with a plan designed to maximize the likelihood of success.

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